Yesterday was a huge milestone for me - I have prayed for this for years. I've had the desire since we moved to the farm to bring people to it, building the farm and our home up to serve as a gathering place.

We took the very first step in that direction yesterday. We started our six week small group hosting 'Journey' through Crossroads church. After service we met for brunch and everyone came together in a crowded living room full of food, drink, and laughter. Our group is called 'Bonfires & Beers' and we are made up of the small knit Cynthiana community that joins Crossroads Georgetown services. We share in fellowship hardships, vulnerabilities, prayer, and we are a family.

This is just the start. Florals, gardens, milking goats and cows, livestock husbandry, raising your own meat, church - It can all be discussed right here in our living room with those that are eager to learn and share in faith and in sustainability. Our home is perfectly imperfect with paint swatches on the walls from two years ago reminding me I have much work to do. There is dog hair on the sofa, muddy paw prints on the floor, mismatched chairs and dishes in the sink, but I think it speaks to a level of comfort people can take notice in that says "come as you are". I want our home to be a place of comfort, not sterility.

I will always work hard striving for a gathering place. This was a dream come true.

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