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Brownings has become a popular destination and service for photography professionals, artists, and collaborative efforts between vendors. We love to participate in styled shoots and partnering for mini sessions as well as hosting people on the farm. Below is all of the information you may need to know.

Please contact us with any questions you may have or for individual quotes.

Brownings Provides

A total of 106 acres of scenic views to utilize and explore, including pasture land and woods with three ponds and a creek running through

Several acres of dense woods including cedar Christmas trees perfect for a holiday backdrop 

Rolling hills and valleys and steep ravines throughout which provide incredible sunset views

Horse paddocks with horse board fencing and four horses on site that may be used for photo opportunities

A rustic natural wood chicken coop

A shade garden with fire pit and several arbors with mature landscaping and old swings

An original standing old livestock barn that creates a rustic backdrop with deteriorating wood and tin roof 

A swimming pool (available seasonally)

An indoor and two outdoor horse riding arenas

Raised bed gardens

Acres of sunflower fields (available seasonally)

A You-Pick flower field (available seasonally)

Antique tractors

A floral studio

Styled Shoots

We relish the opportunity to work with fellow creatives! We would love the opportunity to work with you on a styled shoot. Please know that if you are requesting we provide florals, we simply require to be compensated for the cost of the flowers. Additional labor charges will not be applied, and you will pay the same wholesale rate we pay/sell for. Please contact us regarding your vision and how we can fit into it and work together with flowers, our vintage truck, and/or our farm. 

Mini Sessions

Seasonal, holiday, and special occasion mini sessions make the perfect opportunity to serve the families of our community with fun photos in the bed of the vintage 1955 Dodge Flower Truck or amongst the flower fields. We charge a flat rate for each individual mini session starting at $25. Additionally, mileage will be added at the current federal rate for any travel required. Mini sessions are only available on weekends. 

Utilizing the Flower Truck

We find the best way to utilize the Flower Truck is through a collaborative effort working directly with you, the photographer, and bringing a specific styled vision to life. Mini sessions are perfect for this and we charge a flat rate for each individual mini session  at 20% of the sitting fee, with a minimum of $25 per session, as well as mileage at the current federal mileage rate for any travel required. 

Any florals or props needed for the shoot will be at the expense of the photographer, and will be charged at a wholesale price. 

If you prefer to use the truck for a private session there will be a flat fee required and can be discussed individually by contacting us with your specific needs. 

If you are preferring to rent the truck or cart for a private event please see the page 'Flower Truck' on the top menu bar for all detailed information. 

Private Sessions

Single session use of farm property begins at $50. Full day use begins at $200 and can be discussed and scheduled on an individual basis. 

Important Reminders

A liability waiver must be signed by/for each participating party member coming to the farm.

This is a working farm which means at any time persons may be subject to close proximity of domestic and/or wild animals and heavy equipment/machinery.

There are no public restrooms available. 

This farm is also a home and private residence and we ask you be respectful of that.

Our farm has limited flat space, all surfaces are steep/uneven. Proper footwear must be worn at all times.

Our farm has limited parking availability and only a single lane gravel driveway to gain access. 

Any and all props that are utilized must be cleaned up and removed before departure. 

Use care and caution when around animals and landscaping. 

If you are allergic to bee or wasp stings please bring an epipen with you. 

No public area may be blocked to customers during regular business hours.

When photos are posted online and on social media we ask that Brownings receive attribution for venue and/or services rendered and photos may be distributed by us for future marketing purposes. 

Vehicles must stay on gravel roads. Travel to pasture and wooded areas must be done so on foot. 

Brownings is not responsible for directing clients/visitors to your photoshoot location and must be arranged by you for each individual client. 

Under Kentucky Law anyone entering the premises of a farm does so willingly and with the knowledge that being a working farm means that we can mitigate, but can never fully eliminate risk, and therefore comes willingly and accepts full responsibility should injury or even death occur. 

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