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Cosmos For A Cause

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I have devoted my academic major and my personal mission to agricultural sustainability, and with that the deconstruction of food deserts and food injustices. A large part of my being thrives on the idea of contribution and giving back. What is this life if it is not without purpose?

We have brainstormed ideas on how to donate our time, our profits, or are production. The problem we kept coming back to is that flowers are a perishable good and inedible. How can we benefit our communities with our flowers? We came to a solution that we feel our customers can feel good about.

Cosmos for a Cause 

We offer hand crafted and locally sourced, organic bountiful bouquets at honest prices. With every purchase our customers can take pride in knowing that 5% of proceeds go to a featured charity. We couldn’t pick just one charity because so many are near and dear to our hearts, so we offer a seasonal rotation of benefactors just as our blooms are available by season. We will display each charity on our website including their contact information if you feel you would like to give more.

Flowers bring smiles to our faces, brighten our day and warm our hearts. It makes sense that by choosing our flowers you are spreading this love and cheer beyond the vase.  

This seasons' Cosmos for a Cause benefactor

Helping Hounds Find Homes

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