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About Us

Striving to become first generation farmers and bringing you along for the journey.

We own a vintage flower truck. We are homesteaders. We are navigating our way through this messy, stressful, and beautifully blessed country way of life in the pursuit of a self reliant homestead. Sharing daily chores, recipes, sourdough bread baking, animal care, and all the lessons the farm teaches us each and every day. We strive to remember the importance of simple and slow living, and work hard for a way of life that honors faith and family.

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Our Story

Lauren, a military veteran, and Drew, a commercial airline pilot, met on the island of Puerto Rico. Over the course of their 8 years together they have acquired many dogs, lived in a tiny beach shack and later, a fifth wheel camper, before they settled down in a log home on 100 acres in the rolling bluegrass hills of Kentucky.


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