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About Brownings


We'd like to personally welcome you to Brownings; our home & our family farm. 

We work incredibly hard to exceed your expectations. You will find our florals are uniquely curated, with artistic reflection & a farmers touch; they will definitely set your event apart. Thank you for considering us to be part of your most special day. 

Lauren & Drew 

Meet Lauren


Originally from California, she has also lived in Washington, Oregon, and Puerto Rico. Lauren served six years in the US Coast Guard, first providing search and rescue efforts while stationed at a surf unit on the Pacific Northwest, and then as a medic at an Air Station in the Caribbean.

From the time she was young she dreamed about what it would be like to live in the country, or what owning a horse would be like, or growing a garden. Her passion for understanding food systems and sustainability within agriculture grew, and she made the decision to move to Kentucky to pursue a degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Agriculture Education.

Drew and Lauren lived in a 38 ft fifth wheel camper for three years while she was in college - searching for the best place to put down roots. It was during her fourth year at University of Kentucky that they found a log home on 43 acres in Cynthiana and they started what is now Brownings. Within two years they were able to expand the farm to 104 acres. Drew and Lauren continue to convert their beautiful property into a productive farmstead.

“It can be quite humbling knowing you are the true definition of a minority: female farmer, veteran, and new business owner. It’s a combination of terrifying and beautiful all at once. There are a diminishing number of farms in America and they are very few that are veteran owned, even fewer that are owned and operated by women. We are the epitome of the American dream - of leaving the city behind to venture into country living and every step of the way has been overwhelmingly rewarding.” 

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Meet Drew

Drew Brownings .jpg


Drew is from the great state of Texas. He has also lived in Florida and Puerto Rico, which is where the two met. Drew is an avid kiteboarder and Lauren is a scuba diving instructor and their paths crossed at a beach shack one day in the Caribbean.


Drew's family is in the cattle ranching business and he knew he wanted his own land to hunt and fish on one day. Lauren roped him in to moving back to Kentucky to pursue a life of agriculture.


Drew is an airline pilot for Jetblue, he flys the Airbus 320, 321 and spends most of his overnights in the Caribbean. He continues to surf, kiteboard, and foil when he is on extended stays and when he returns to Kentucky you will catch him riding horses and calf roping, fishing and hunting, and operating or fixing tractors and machinery. He is the backbone to the farms operation. 

So why the name Brownings?

Drew’s middle name is Browning - a very important family name that stems from a great man, his grandfather. James Calvin Johnson who was also known as 'Brownie' was a Naval pilot during World War II. He was one of those incredible and influential people and we want his legacy to live on. We cherish our family and it’s history, and just as we try to keep those roots alive, we also want to plant new ones... in the soil. 


We want to thank you for your support of our budding dream in finding the agrarian way of life. We hope you will take pride in purchasing from Brownings as we grow to serve our community with fresh flowers.

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